is a project management consultant providing solid services for international and national donor funded projects. Working mainly with the European Union (EU), Department for International Development (DFID), European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), and World Bank (WB), DINT Pro provides clients from private and public spheres with high quality services in different fields by dint of hard work.


Dint Pro works in diverse sectors including IT, ICT, telecommunication, energy, health, employment, education, social inclusion and protection, statistics, legal approximation, justice and governance, environment, infrastructure and transport, agriculture and rural development, and other related fields.


Dint Pro's expertise in developing energy strategies and conducting feasibility studies exemplifies the capability of its team and network of experts in assisting different institutions in developing their energy strategies in national and local levels. The scope of Dint Pro’s services provided in relation to justice and legal affairs can be mainly categorized as promoting justice and increasing access to justice among all segments of society. It's consultants possess a wide range of expertise and experience in the implementation of projects on social inclusion, covering disadvantaged target groups such as disabled people, women facing domestic violence, young people, ex-convicts, former drug users etc. Dint Pro has also expertise in developing ICT services within the scope of e-business, e-learning, graphic design, web and application development.


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